ETH to Bithcoin Artifacts

Generate Bitcoin Ordinals with AI

The First ever AI generated Ordinal Digital Artifacts on the
Bitcoin Blockchain

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Embrace the Future of Digital Artifacts

Generate Custom Digital Artifacts
Free AI image generator
Always Unique
Enhancing Bitcoin network
Mint Digital artifacts on the Bitcoin network with Ethereum

How it works

Buy $OrdinalAI Token on Uniswap

$OrdinalAI will be used as the centralized token throughout the OrdinalAI ecosystem. Everything from Minting Digital Artifacts to buying and selling products in the OrdinalAI marketplace will be powered by $OrdinalAI

Let your creativity go wild

Equipped with the OrdinalAI powerful image generator and simplistic user experience users can now generate stunning AI images.


Users can easily generate digital artifacts through the OrdinalAI Dapp.
View existing OrdinalAI artifact

Sell on Digital Artifact marketplace

Generated digital artifacts can be then monetised on the OrdinalAI dapp.


Stage 01

AI Dapp Launch
Train AI with custom data
Deploy Ordinal AI website
AI text-to-image generation launch
Community Building

Stage 02

Start PinkSale Fair Launch
CoinGeko and CoinmarketCap release
Aggressive Marketing
CEX Listing
Further Grow the Community
Mint Digital Artifacts Feature

Stage 03   

OrdinalAI NFT Marketplace Launch
Community Building Stage 03
4000+ $OrdinalAI Holders
Celebrity Marketing

Stage 04  

Mobile App
Expand Ecosystem & Team
Viral Marketing Campaign
Revamp Dapp UI/UX

Stage 05  

Advanced AI Model Development
Expand AI Ecosystem


Token Supply

4% Buy and 4% sell tax. (1% Burn 3% Marketing)

ZERO Team tokens

A total of 90% of the tokens will be allocated to the liquidity pool, while the LP tokens will be destroyed and the contract ownership will be renounced. The remaining 6% of the token supply will be held exclusively in a multi-signature wallet. These tokens will be reserved for potential use in future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and liquidity pools. 4% will be held for partnerships.


OrdinalAI has partnered with many top companies in the industry to gain significant market advantage

Frequently asked questions

Do i need to pay to use the AI image generator

NO! All users can freely use OrdinalAI image generator as much as they like. There are no limitations for any users.

How can I Mint a Digital Artifact?

You can generate AI image and create a digital artifact via ethereum on the BTC Blockchain

What kind of Digital Artifact can I expect?

Users can generate any kind of pixel art with the help of the OrdinalAI image generation bot on the Dapp. The only limitation is users imagination

What is the value on the secondary market?

With the release of the OrdinalAI marketplace, users can sell their digital artifacts. The rarity depends on the sat rarity.

Can I resell my Digital artifact, if I want to?

Yes users have complete freedom to do as they wish

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The First ever truly AI generated Digital Artifacts on the Bitcoin Network. OrdinalAI revolutionising the blockchain network